Allegiant Airline Flights from Nashville to Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport

Get low fares with just one call

Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from BNA to Roanoke

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Nashville to Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from Nashville to Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Nashville to Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport

John D.

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Nashville to Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport

Sarah P.

Booking was surprisingly flexible. I had to change my flight, and it was smoother than I've ever experienced. 5 stars to the great customer care.

Top tips for flying out of BNA on Breeze Airways to Roanoke

 Popular Accommodations in Roanoke, Virginia



Decadence dances within historic walls, sensual servings of opulence present in her regal rooms. Crowned queen of comfort, Roanoke’s pride.



An intimate whisper in Roanoke’s ear, the Black Lantern Inn whispers tales of antiquity, balanced delicately with the promise of contemporary comforts.



Serenely set amidst blue ridged mountains, Hilton Garden crafts the harmonious coupling of luxury and unbounded nature's grace.



The Cottages, our quaint hamlet, eschew the chaos, and clothe you in serenity and charm.



In the heart of downtown Roanoke, The Hampton Inn & Suites sing a lullaby of urban comfort, laden with the rich echoes of hospitality.



Historic grandeur personified, the Roanoke Island Inn stands magisterially, serenading with the indomitable symphony of heritage and bespoke service.

FAQs for booking flights from Nashville (BNA) to Roanoke on Breeze Airlines

Does FlyCrave only cater to the refined palates of private jet setters, or can a mere mortal book a flight from BNA to Roanoke?
Fear not, intrepid traveler! FlyCrave is not limited to the champagne-sipping elite. Whether you're Houdini's third cousin once removed looking to escape the hullabaloo of Nashville, or just Joe from accounting seeking a little bit of adventure in Roanoke, we’ve got you covered.
What kind of hocus pocus do you guys use to find the best flight deals?

Well dear wanderluster, we at FlyCrave employ only the most avant-garde rune readings and Ouija board consultations (OK, just kidding!). Our competent system scours the four corners of the worldwide web, picking and choosing flights that match your preferences like a squirrel finding the perfect acorn. Breeze Airlines will indeed be among your options!

What if I suddenly decide to romance the Rockies instead of Roanoke? Do you allow flight changes or will you strangle me with red tape?
Oh, how we adore the capricious thrill-seekers! At FlyCrave, we won't strangle you with red tape — that's simply not our style. You are more than welcome to change your flight (although any price differences and possible fees rest solely between you and the airline, and we'd recommend a quick conversation with them.)
Are your customer support elves available round the clock? What if I encounter an issue during witching hour?
We believe in customer service delivered by real people - not woodland creatures or mythical beings. Our customer service champions, although not quite immortal, are there to assist you 24/7, even during those pesky witching hours.
In case I catch a rogue breeze and decide to fly on Breeze, will I have to part ways with a kidney to pay for extra baggage?
Breeze Airlines, despite its carefree moniker, does have a few strings attached when it comes to extra luggage. While we can't negotiate a less vital organ in exchange, we would advise you to check their baggage policies before packing your entire wardrobe (or multiple souvenir kidneys).
Can I book a flight for my 80-year-old grandma who's always dreamt of seeing Nashville's honky-tonks, or is your booking process harder than climbing Everest?
Our booking process is as easy as pie – and definitely easier than ascending Everest (or even your grandma's attic!). With a few clicks or a simple phone call, your grandma will be able to tap her toes to the country beats of Nashville in no time!
Should I expect my ticket in the mail, tied to a pigeon's leg, or is there a simpler way to get my hands on it?
While pigeon mail does have its vintage charm, at FlyCrave we prefer the wonders of modern technology. Your flight ticket, fresh from the digital oven, will land straight in your inbox, faster than you can say 'coo'. It's economical, efficient, and entirely unhindered by bird migration patterns.

Flying on Breeze Airways from BNA to Roanoke

Legions of adventurers, both seasoned and novice, recognize the magnetic allure of travel, the thrill of discovery, and the soulful nuggets of wisdom gained only from venturing beyond familiar borders. As any globe-trotter can affirm, the key to a seamless sojourn often boils down to one core element: the flight. And when it comes to efficient air travel, connecting flights have typically dominated the conversation, yet there is a new player stealing the spotlight: Breeze Airways.

This neoteric airline has soared onto the aviation scene with a revolutionary approach to airfare, promising the coveted blend of comfort, affordability, and efficiency. Armed with a delectably fresh flight schedule, Breeze offers travel enthusiasts a hassle-free way to uncover America's gems. Among these sparkling beauties lie BNA, Nashville's pulsating heart, and Roanoke, Virginia's Star City.

Breeze Airways presents a compelling argument for travelers in the form of consistently cheap flights that do not compromise on quality or service. Its consistent supply of flight deals, like one-way tickets and round-trip journeys, makes Breeze an enticing option when charting the radar of domestic flights, particularly between Nashville and Roanoke.

Many travelers cringe at the thought of unnecessary layovers or red-eye flights that leave even the zestiest explorer fatigued. Squaring off against its competition, Breeze offers direct flights from BNA to Roanoke. These non-stop flights reduce travel time, allowing more room to relish the destination's visceral charm. The flight duration on Breeze, approximately one hour and thirty minutes between these two cities, is an absolute coup in the realm of air travel.

In-flight services are another crucial determinant in a traveler's airline choice. Displays of stewardship in Breeze's Economy class reveal a thoughtful, meticulously tailored experience. You will observe the Breeze ethos resonate even in the seemingly minor aspects of their service, like a generous baggage allowance that belies the airline's affordability.

Even last-minute flights do not suffer from exorbitant pricing on Breeze - a testament to their commitment to accessibility. Irrespective of your departure time or booking speed, Breeze endeavors to offer a radiant journey - all while preserving their cost-effective ethos.

The airline's ongoing entrant into public consciousness can be partly attributed to its burgeoning reputation of quality. These positive airline reviews paint an appealing picture of a new kind of air travel, one that melds convenience and quality into an irresistible package. The frequent flyer, meanwhile, can fall into the warm embrace of BreezeRewards, Breeze's rewardingly simple mileage program.

While it may be straightforward to book spontaneously, according to various travel pundits and fare prediction tools, the best time to book lies typically 70 days before the departure date. This timeframe allows for optimum balance between logical planning and attractive pricing. However, as flight cancellation policy varies from airline to airline, it's worth keeping a keen eye on Breeze's forgiving policies, aimed at maximizing customer peace of mind.

Travelers can luxuriate in premium economy, business class, or even first-class, depending on their preference and budget. Regardless of the selection, each class is firmly hinged upon the same promise: a smooth flying experience. Therefore, whether you're a spontaneous weekend escapist or a regular commuter, Breeze Airways stands as a persuasive choice for your Nashville to Roanoke voyage.

By the time you descend into Roanoke, wrapped snugly in the cradle of Breeze's comforting service, you'll be ready to imbibe the city's offering, arriving not as a weary traveler but as an energized explorer. Not only does Breeze reshape the conventional perception of air travel, but it elevates the airline experience into the realm of the extraordinary. Discover Breeze, and your perception of domestic flights will be forever changed.

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