Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to Boise Airport

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Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from CHS to Boise

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to Boise Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to Boise Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to Boise Airport

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to Boise Airport

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Top tips for flying out of CHS on Breeze Airways to Boise

 Popular Accommodations in Boise, Idaho



Offering outstanding city views, The Grove Hotel stuns with its upscale rooms and a distinguished restaurant. Located in the heart of downtown Boise.



Modern Hotel and Bar combines minimalist design with warm hospitality. Its contemporary rooms and in-house cocktail bar appeal to modern travellers.



Boise Guest House provides a boutique home-away-from-home experience. Featuring artistically designed rooms with private kitchens and beautiful city accessibility.



Perfect for backpackers, Hike-Venture Hostel offers budget-friendly accommodation. Centrally located, offering dormitory-style rooms and a shared lounge.



This quaint, Cozy Cottage Airbnb offers a homely vibe in the peaceful Boise suburb. Displaying a perfect blend of comfort and Idaho charm.



The Safari Inn Downtown boasts comfortable rooms and a convenient location. Catering to guests who want accessibility to Boise's exciting downtown scene.

FAQs for booking flights from Charleston (CHS) to Boise on Breeze Airlines

How can I book a flight ticket from CHS to Boise on FlyCrave?
Booking your flight on FlyCrave is as effortless as a breeze. Visit our user-friendly website or call our dedicated customer service line, and we'll guide you step-by-step through our streamlined booking process. We aim to provide you with a seamless experience, walking you through flight times, seating preferences, fare comparison, and more, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your journey.
Does FlyCrave offer flights with Breeze Airlines?

Indeed! At FlyCrave, we're proud to work with an extensive range of esteemed airlines, including Breeze. Our diverse offering ensures we can meet various preferences and needs, offering you comprehensive choices when booking your flight from Charleston to Boise.

Can I modify my booking details after confirming the flight on FlyCrave?
Absolutely! We understand travel plans can change, and flexibility is of utmost priority. At FlyCrave, you have the freedom to modify your flight details after confirmation. You can manage your bookings on our website or seek assistance from our friendly customer service professionals over the phone.
What information does FlyCrave need during the flight booking process?
To provide you with a seamless booking experience, we ask for essential details like your full name as per your passport, contact information, preferred departure and arrival times, seating preference, and meal option, if applicable. With these details, we ensure an effortless and customized booking experience.
How secure is my personal information with FlyCrave?
At FlyCrave, our priority is not just providing you with the best flight options, but also ensuring your personal information's total security. We enforce stringent data protection policies, employing modern and reliable encryption technologies, ensuring your privacy and security are never compromised.
Can I book a return flight from Boise to CHS on FlyCrave?
Certainly! Booking a round trip on FlyCrave is as simple as booking a one-way journey. Whether you are planning to return immediately to Charleston or intending a prolonged stay in Boise, we can help you find the flight that best encapsulates your plans, ensuring a truly hassle-free booking experience.
Does FlyCrave offer promotional discounts?
Keep your eyes peeled for our promotional offerings that make your travel even more affordable. At FlyCrave, we consistently bring special deals and perks that help you save more when booking your flight. Stay connected with us via our website or over the phone to keep track of the latest deals.

Flying on Breeze Airways from CHS to Boise

Breeze Airways, a newcomer to the vibrant world of aviation, has begun a new route amidst its domestic flights from CHS in distinguished Charleston to the vibrant city of Boise. This vivid narrative investigates the fascinating journey one can expect when opting for this route, revealing the ins and outs of everything a traveler ought to know in anticipation of such a flight.

Known for offering some of the cheap flights in the domestic airline market, Breeze Airlines has a stalwart focus on their customer's satisfaction, ensuring your journey is nothing short of breezy. Taking flight from CHS, Charleston offers multiple direct flights to Boise, presenting a simpler and more enjoyable travel experience devoid of the stress that often accompanies layovers and connecting flights.

For travelers on a tight budget looking for the best airfare deals, Breeze offers affordable one-way and round-trip flights. What sets them apart is their ability to maintain an exceptional level of service even at such competitive rates. Their aircraft offers two classes of service: 'Nice' equivalent to an economy class and 'Nicer,' a premium economy service that provides enhanced comfort at a modest cost increase compared to their economy class flights. However, for those seeking extravagant comfort, Breeze currently doesn't offer a first-class option.

Regardless of the class, the in-flight services provided by Breeze reflect the airline's dedication to its customers. Offering complimentary snacks and beverages, as well as high-speed wireless connectivity, creates a harmonious blend of comfort and convenience throughout the flight duration. Hauling the minimum in-flight essentials? Breeze's generous baggage allowance allows you to pack those little extras without the concern of additional costs.

Now, who doesn’t cherish the joy of maximizing their rewards? Breeze's frequent flyer program is designed with such thrifty travelers in mind. The 'Breeze Points' mileage program enables you to earn points each time you fly with them, which can be redeemed for future discounted or even free flights. This enables avid travelers to enjoy additional savings while exploring their favorite destinations.

In terms of flight schedule, Breeze operates flights at various times throughout the day, thereby giving the flexibility to choose the most convenient timing as per your need. The late-night departures also give passengers the option to experience a red-eye flight if they so wish- an ideal option for those enthusiastic night owls or people who want to make the most of their day upon arrival in Boise.

While Breeze's flight cancellation policy doesn’t allow for refunds, passengers can receive credit for a future flight if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of booking. This flexibility showcases Breeze's understanding of their traveler's occasional need for amended plans and their commitment to accomodating such occasional unforeseen situations.

The airline's customer-focused approach and commitment to reliability have seen positive airline reviews, with customers noting the airline's punctuality and staff professionalism as highlights. The compelling combination of competitive airfare and superior customer service makes Breeze a smart choice for the modern traveler.

As for the query of the best time to book your Breeze flight from Charleston to Boise, it's advisable to book at least three weeks in advance. This timing usually yields the best prices while navigating the potential pitfalls of last-minute flights. However, be on alert for occasional flash sales and flight deals that Breeze frequently announces.

In the end, Breeze's clear commitment to passenger satisfaction manifests in every feature, from their competitive airfare to the wholesome in-flight experience. The CHS to Boise flight perfectly captures this commitment, unlocking a journey full of delight and convenience for every traveler.

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