Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport

Get low fares with just one call

Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from CHS to Clearwater

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport

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Top tips for flying out of CHS on Breeze Airways to Clearwater

 Popular Accommodations in Clearwater, Florida



An epitome of luxurious comfort, The Opal Sands Resort boasts a beachfront location that lets you savor Clearwater's breathtaking coastal views while relishing top-notch services.



Bask in the charm of Clearwater's Marina area with Pier House 60 Marina Hotel, offering great harbor views and a perfect base for local exploration.



Embodying simplicity paired with comfort, Palm Pavilion Inn sits just steps from the beach. Perfect for travelers craving a convenient and cozy beachside retreat.



RedSail Hostel introduces you to Clearwater's vibrant backpacker scene. Its affordable, friendly vibe and strategic location are perfect for budget travelers.



Explore a more personalized experience with the Seaside Luxury Airbnb, set in a tranquil neighborhood. Offering a warm, home-like environment with a splash of luxury.



A harmonious blend of comfort and privacy, the Tropical Villa Vacation Rental is a dream for families and groups, offering spacious accommodations amidst lush tropical landscapes.

FAQs for booking flights from Charleston (CHS) to Clearwater on Breeze Airlines

What's the simplest way to book a flight from CHS to Clearwater on Breeze via FlyCrave?
Booking your flight on FlyCrave is as easy as pie! Simply head to our website or give us a call. You'll be asked to provide your departure and arrival details - in this case, Charleston (CHS) to Clearwater, FL - and your preferred date and time of travel. Just specify Breeze Airways, or if you're open to other airlines, we can help you find the best available options!
Are there any promotions or deals offered by FlyCrave that I can use for my CHS to Clearwater flight?

Absolutely! FlyCrave regularly offers awesome deals and discounts. By checking out our 'promotions' section on our website or subscribing to our newsletter, you can stay up-to-date and get the best bang for your buck on your CHS-Clearwater flight. On your marks, get set, fly!

Does FlyCrave offer assistance for ensuring my specific travel needs are met on my flight from CHS to Clearwater?
Of course! Whether you have special requirements or just want the window seat, we've got you covered. We aim to make your travel as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. Drop us an email, or call us and our stellar customer service team will ensure your needs are met for your CHS-Clearwater trip.
Can I change or cancel my Breeze Airways booking through FlyCrave?
Sure thing! Events can be unpredictable and we understand that. FlyCrave allows you to change or cancel your booking easily online or over the phone. And don’t worry, our team will assist you in rebooking your flight or guiding you through the refund process, if eligible.
Can I add extra luggage to my flight booking on FlyCrave?
Yes you can. Depending on the airline (Breeze, in this case) and the type of ticket you've purchased, additional charges may apply. You can check these details during the booking process on FlyCrave or contact our customer service team who'd be happy to assist.
Are direct flights from CHS to Clearwater available on FlyCrave?
Yes, they are! We do our best to provide a wide variety of options, including direct flights. It's important to note, though, that the availability of direct flights can depend on the day, time, and the airline you choose.
How early should I book my flight from CHS to Clearwater via FlyCrave?
Generally, it's recommended to book your flight at least 1-3 months ahead to secure the best rates. But don't sweat it! We can help guide you through this process and find great last-minute deals as well. FlyCrave's here to make your journey a breeze!

Flying on Breeze Airways from CHS to Clearwater

In a landscape dominated by jumbojets rushing between behemoth airports, comes a shimmery (and slightly cheeky) mirage named Breeze. Breeze, for the uninitiated, is the newest, spiffy challenger to your jaded air-travel experiences, intending to really put the chill back into your Charleston to Clearwater flights. The mere mention of Breeze sets your pulse racing with sepia-tinged nostalgia for the golden days of 'direct flights' and accessible 'airfare' minus pants-on-fire wallet trauma.

If the thought of 'connecting flights' makes your arteries harden quicker than a day-old donut, have no fear, Breeze is here. With 'non-stop' flights, you're more likely to come across a harmonious choir of feral cats than an unexpected layover. We've all heard tales of 'economy class' experiences akin to squeezing into a stubborn pair of skinny jeans after the holidays. Thankfully, Breeze's definition of 'economy', rumor has it, revolves around a different sartorial phenomenon - flying like you're lounging in generously roomy (and decidedly unsexy) sweatpants.

Embrace the warm, convivial glow of satisfaction that emerges with scoring 'cheap flights'. The kind that only Breeze seems committed to deliver with an admirable, almost puppy-like enthusiasm. For the aspiring 'frequent flyer', they offer the 'mileage program'. A dazzling jewel in the discount-hunter's gleaming crown, it transforms the mundane dirt of your travel miles into pure, beaming gold—no medieval alchemy necessary.

Going 'business class' on Breeze feels like striding into an intoxicating sonnet penned by relaxation and opulence themselves, yet as accessible as your friendly neighborhood burger joint. It's a sublime marriage of luxury and pragmatism, like sipping champagne from a plastic cup—blueblood exclusivity skilfully toasting pragmatic simplicity. Or, for the codebreakers among us, it's an affable hat-tip to both 'first-class' travels without smashing your piggy bank.

Now, let’s spill some tea on the notorious plot twist of air travel: the 'baggage allowance'. In the comedic theatre of airlines, baggage allowances often play the villain, spinning intricate webs of limitations and rules. Nevertheless, with Breeze, you don't need a law degree to figure out their allowances—they appear to operate on the "Captain Obvious" ethos. Simple, easy, and (gasp) logical.

If the thought of 'last-minute flights' induces the kind of adrenaline rush you associate more closely with cliff-jumping than travel, brace yourself. Breeze weaves extraordinary narratives of eleventh-hour seats without the usual side dish of gnawing regret. The 'flight cancellation policy' offers reassurances more comforting than a grandmother’s hug, rendering flight-shaking jitters a thing of the past.

The 'best time to book' debate, age-old as 'the chicken and the egg' conundrum, is effortlessly resolved by Breeze. The bubble-busting reality? There always seems to be a great deal up for grabs, on the flight to paradise and back. A kind of perpetual 'round-trip' discount wonderland, if you will.

The unsung hero of the air travel saga? The dependable 'flight schedule'. Stepping into a Breeze 'flight schedule' is essentially like returning to your favorite childhood story—it's consistent, comforting, and with a sprinkle of wondrous enchantment.

Quite the underdog disruptor, Breeze exemplifies why 'airline reviews' matter and how they can nudge the narrative needle in the consumer's favor. So, dear traveler, prepare to revolutionize your flight landscape with a dash of Breeze. Because life, my dear sir/madam, is way too short for stale, monotone, walk-in-the-park sort of experiences with 'domestic flights'. It’s time to add a gust of fresh air, no pun intended, to your Charleston to Clearwater adventure.

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