Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to Key West International Airport

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Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from CHS to Key West

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to Key West International Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to Key West International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to Key West International Airport

Ashley W.

Couldn't believe how easy it was to book online. Saved me loads of time, a real game-changer!

Allegiant Airline Flights from Charleston to Key West International Airport

Jacob S.

Unbelievable service! Needed last-minute changes for my flight, it was handled over the phone instantly. Highly recommend!

Top tips for flying out of CHS on Breeze Airways to Key West

 Popular Accommodations in Key West, Florida



She's the queen of resorts, oh so breezy, Filled with delight, making vacations easy. Seraphim's Palace, where the ocean's a lullaby, And luxury flutters beneath the azure sky.



Fancy a stay in a treasure-filled nest? At the Cosy Bungalow, your comfort's our quest. Wrapped in nature's sweet caress, It's a solace spot that never fails to impress.



A quirky delight soaking in the sun, This eccentric Airbnb is barrels of fun. The Gypsy Wagon, daringly distinct, Filled with whimsy in every nook and cranny and chink.



Not your typical cookie-cutter hotel format, The Kooky Kabana's where it's at. Witty, wild, a touch of whimsy, It's a laughter-filled venture, oh so flimsy!



Budget-friendly, yet oozing with charm, Paradise Hostel wraps you in warmth, far from harm. A haven of camaraderie, alive and loud, A must-visit monument in the backpacker's cloud.



Nestled by the blue, beneath the palms, Pelican Villa charms with its calm. Experience tranquility in this beachy abode, A perfect ending to your Key West road.

FAQs for booking flights from Charleston (CHS) to Key West on Breeze Airlines

Is FlyCrave truly the crème de la crème of flight booking services?
Without a shadow of overstatement, FlyCrave is the Aladdin in the labyrinth of sky-trekking, bringing you top-tier services that leave typical providers trailing in our jet stream. Our uniquely deployed filters have been developed with the utmost proficiency, allowing travelers to tailor their searches down to the most meticulous requirement. Stand by as we summon a magic carpet of flight options.
Does FlyCrave have exclusive deals with Breeze Airways?

With a delicious irony that could rival a British comedy, we can share that while we have no exclusive partnership with Breeze per se, we are intimate partners with the universe of airlines, Breeze included. Our commitment is to make sure you still get the best possible deal on your Charleston to Key West jaunt.

Will a Norse god be piloting my Breeze flight?
Unfortunately, Thor and his fellow Asgardians have been booked solid with universe-saving duties. However, rest assured that the Breeze's captains are handpicked for their god-like skills in manning their high flying chariots. So, whilst your pilot might not command thunder, they'll steer you to Key West with majestic expertise.
If I book on FlyCrave, will I get a Jacuzzi-fitted seat on my flight?
While we would love to provide every passenger with in-flight hot tub luxury, aviation safety standards sadly pose a wet blanket to such high aspirations. Our commitment, though, is to ensure your comfort still soars to stratospheric levels. Brace yourself for seats, who even without water and bubbles, offer blissful comfort.
What divine rituals do I need to perform to secure a low-cost ticket?
Fear not, no voodoo or extravagant sacrificial rituals are required. Simply dance your digits across your keyboard, secure in the knowledge that FlyCrave, with relentless energy like the Duracell bunny, scours every possible nook and cranny of the digital realm to locate the most budget-friendly flights for your dream journey.
Am I doomed to languish in booking purgatory if I don't book online?
FlyCrave nobly scoffs at such outdated notions! We not only provide stellar online booking services but also possess an over the phone booking system that could charm the pants off even the most technophobic traveler. The sky-roaming journey from Charleston to Key West will be as effortless as sipping a tequila on a Floridian beach.
Does FlyCrave have the psychic ability to predict my flight preferences?
While our soothsaying abilities are admittedly work in progress, we can boast of a phenomenal algorithm, tuned to your preferences with the precision of a Swiss watch. Feed it your travel quirks and watch in awe as the magic of FlyCrave presents you with the results that read your mind like a paperback novel.

Flying on Breeze Airways from CHS to Key West

In the grand sphere of airborne locomotion, the whimsical wonder that is Breeze Airlines has certainly carved an amusingly unique flutter for itself. So, if one were to consider voyaging from the charming, antebellum disposition of Charleston to the sundrenched utopia that is Key West, consider this your divinely inspired guide through such a whimsical adventure, nuanced with both irony and joy.

The raconteur who even dares to feign indifference at the mention of direct flights deserves a wholly unique circle in Dante’s rendition of Inferno. Ah, Direct flights, that heavenly whisper that Burns surely must have had in mind when musing ‘the best-laid schemes’. Whilst blessed Breeze graciously offers this divine service, the twist of humour lies in the fact: if you’re anticipating a dash from dawn's embrace in Charleston to a noontime mojito in Key West, you’re delightfully mistaken. For Breeze adores an unexpected waltz with irony and makes no empty promise of immediacy, rather they beautifully orchestrate the journey enabling time to admire the silhouettes of clouds and perhaps green lands below; a charming delay to reflect on life’s temerities.

Cheap flights, oh how that term tickles the bourgeoisie! Cutting costs on airfare with Breeze is akin to a dandy purchasing an imitation Fabergé egg to cut expenses; it’s amusingly laughable, yet astoundingly practical. However, much like that fabled egg, what’s inside remains essentially the same, and in Breeze’s case, that’s first-class service. Now, the air traveler with foresight might say, “Ah-ha! Last-minute flights, the true panacea of the financially cautious." Alas, in ironic counterpoint, Breeze’s flight schedule cleverly negates this strategy.

Ever pondered on the fairytale beauty of a middle passage, a carefully timed layover? Breeze provides the grand opportunity to add another twist to your tale with a layover, a fanciful recess on your flight duration. Snubbed by many, a layover with Breeze is like an unexpected stanza in a well-versed poem; it interrupts your rhythm, adds depth, and flavors your trip with a generous sprinkle of lyricism that you will fondly remember.

There’s a certain poetic justice in the mockery of classes. Business Class, Economy Class, First-Cass - they are but a delightful satire of societal divisions, marked by nothing but an extra inch of legroom and an extra splash of brandy in your glass. But, when you choose to fly with Breeze, be prepared to laugh at such caricatures of classiness. Premium Economy, a term that's an inside joke perhaps, offers all the elegance and comfort that one could desire as though Economy, like a debutante at her ball, adorned herself with a Premium sash.

Airline reviews, a veritable comedy of their own, suggest that the baggage allowance offered by Breeze might be just another way the universe is laughing at us. Some might moan on about them being a running joke; however, breathe easy, for those reviews are but shadows, and in the grand dance of life, Breeze's baggage allowance, much like its name, is light as a feather and barely demands a worry line on one's visage.

Are you a jet-setting polyglot, intent on conquering the skies? If International flights were a noble family, Breeze would be the youngest scion; adventurous, comedic and eager to prove its mettle. The Frequent Flyer mileage program is a well-placed punchline in Breeze's stanza. It mocks the very concept of 'frequent', bestowing so generously, so unabashedly that a single trip suffices to adorn you with bountiful benefits. Is it the best time to book? In an ironic twist, with Breeze, the answer is always a resounding ‘YES’.

Ah, the in-flight services! They carry the satirical charm of an Oscar Wilde novel. From lip-smacking victuals to a meticulously layered selection of beverages, they deflect the grim greyness of typical in-flight offerings. At times, the Flight Cancellation Policy could well be a punchline in a modern stand-up gig, loaded with unexpected benefits and a wicked grin at the plight of the unassuming voyager.

Thus, dear reader, as you plan your sojourn from Charleston to Key West on Breeze, be prepared for an expedition replete with satire, irony, and a good dose of humor. Leveraging its insouciance, Breeze expertly crafts an airborne adventure, making you question, smile, and invariably, fall in love with the windswept, idiosyncratic charm of air transportation all over again.

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