Allegiant Airline Flights from Los Angeles to Bangor International Airport

Get low fares with just one call

Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from LAX to Bangor

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Los Angeles to Bangor International Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from Los Angeles to Bangor International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Los Angeles to Bangor International Airport

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Los Angeles to Bangor International Airport

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Top tips for flying out of LAX on Breeze Airways to Bangor

 Popular Accommodations in Bangor, Maine



Mimicking majesty, she holds court in the mainly mundane Bangor. This Holiday Inn is absurdly comfortable, almost as if a soft cloud got a retail job.



Oh, the audacity of offering breakfast with your bed. The 'Bangor Bed and Breakfast' does just that, with an ironic twist of sophistication and rugged homeliness.



This quirky, self-deprecating hostel known as 'The Charles Inn' assumes accommodation should be an adventure, peppered with laughter and smothered in budget-friendly rates.



Like a lukewarm cup of tea, this Bangor Airbnb falls firmly into the 'average but not terrible' category. An amusing blend of almost avant-garde design and unfailing functionality.



The Hampton Inn paints the town beige with an entertainingly predictable range of services - homage to the heroic mediocrity of the hospitality industry.



Oh, Travelodge, the ugly duckling of Bangor's lodging landscape. Roaring against your low expectations with surprisingly decent prices and even more surprising cleanliness.

FAQs for booking flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Bangor on Breeze Airlines

So, would it be possible for the Amazing FlyCrave to serve me the flights from Snazzy LAX to Cozy Bangor in ME? Can you make this happen for me?
Oh, darling, did you doubt even for a second that we can't make that happen? Of course we can! It's our bread and butter to make your dream flights come true. Simply log in to and we'll lead you the way, or if you want to hear our charming voices, give us a ring.
Would I be flying on Breeze, or do you only work with those other boring airlines?

No worries at all. Your wish, my dear traveler, is our command. If it's Breeze you desire, it's Breeze you'll get. We definitely don't limit ourselves to those other 'grounded' airlines. Hop onto or bring your lovely voice to our ears over the phone, and we'll make your Breeze wish come true.

If I were to book with your little service, are there any specific dates I need to choose?
We appreciate you considering us as your 'little' help in this mammoth task. Now, you just pick whichever date suits you, and we work our socks off to match it. It's just how we roll at FlyCrave. Alone is not your style and we're here to keep you company. Reach out now!
Do I need to sell my house to afford flights from your service, or could I perhaps still live somewhere after using FlyCrave?
Now, aren't you a jokester! We would, of course, hate to put you out on the street. With our super affordable rates at FlyCrave, you can keep your lovely house and still head out on your grand adventure. Just give us a go - online or over the phone!
I guess I have to reveal all my deep, dark secrets to book a ticket with FlyCrave, do I?
My dear traveler, we at FlyCrave don't double as secret agents. Your deep, dark secrets are safe with you. We'll just need the basic info to get you on your flight. You can trust us, we're professionals – give us a call or book online.
Do you think I can change my flight if life decides to throw a little twist my way, or is it game over once I book?
Game over? Absolutely not! We fully understand that life can be as unpredictable as a season of Game of Thrones, so yes, you can absolutely change your flight. Just reach out to us at FlyCrave - our super helpful team is waiting for your call or email.
Alright, suppose I book with you. How long before my flight should I show up at the airport or can I just walk in when the mood strikes?
Oh, you spontaneous soul! But, let's just stick to the usual protocol, shall we? We recommend arriving at least 2 hours before your domestic flight departure time. Our team at FlyCrave will provide all the nitty-gritty details when you book with us, leaving no room for guesswork. How about that?

Flying on Breeze Airways from LAX to Bangor

Oh, noble wanderer, seeking to dash into the unknown, pause and lend an ear, for a tale you seek is here, a tale of the soothsayer of the skies, the Breeze Airline, whose destiny lies between the golden glamour of LAX and the rustic charm of Bangor.

'What tale is this? A round-trip journey,' you question, your wanderer's heart yearning for the familiar. Not just one way to Bangor, but a ticket that promises a joyous homecoming back to the City of Angles after fulfilling your wanderlust.

Lend your ear, for in this tale the hero, the Breeze Airline, cuts through the waiting clouds and takes you from LAX to Bangor on non-stop flights! A breathtaking feat where the Economy class feels akin to the luxury of First-class, a leap of joy for the thrifty voyagers seeking cheap flights.

'A flight not laid by golden eggs!,' you exclaim. Indeed, that's the charm of Breeze, a modern day Icarus, except it doesn't melt in the heat of prices, yet doesn't fall short of putting on the premium economy allure.

And if luck blows the wind towards your sails and the perfect flight deal lands at your disposal, know it as the charm of Breeze, enchanting the timezone, bending it, shaping it in favor of the last-minute flights.

But beware, noble wanderer, for not all that glitters is gold. Even Breeze, with all its charm, has a chink in its armor, for the red-eye flight is its Achilles' heel, a challenge our brave airline takes head-on in its stride.

'Lo! Are there no layovers to catch a breath?,' you gasp. Fear not, for our hero has dealt with this. The fruits of its long toiling, the direct flights are the balm to soothe your weary soul. No detour, no delay, only the promise of the wind roaring mightily in Breeze's sails.

'What of my faithful companions?,' you question, hugging your well-traveled baggage close. Breeze, the gallant knight, with its generous baggage allowance is a friend to the lonely traveler and the nomadic tribes, satisfying the 'Frequent flyer' craving for space.

And should your destiny curve, should the stars misalign, and a flight cancellation knocks on your door, Breeze with its reliable flight cancellation policy, ensures not a tear is shed, not a hair is torn.

"Alas! What of the Mileage program?,' you wonder, your eyes twinkling like the North star. Fret not, for with every flight you earn a celestial body in your metaphorical sky in Breeze's unique Mileage program.

So, daring adventurer, look no further. Rest your traveling soul and let the cool Breeze take you where you wish to go. It's the best time to book your flight, to uncover the in-flight services of this enchanting airline nestled between the pages of airline reviews. Fear not! For when amalgam of LA's glamour ends, the rustic charm of Bangor will begin!

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