Allegiant Airline Flights from Los Angeles to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport

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Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from LAX to Clearwater

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Los Angeles to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from Los Angeles to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Los Angeles to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Los Angeles to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport

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Top tips for flying out of LAX on Breeze Airways to Clearwater

 Popular Accommodations in Clearwater, Florida



An epitome of luxurious comfort, The Opal Sands Resort boasts a beachfront location that lets you savor Clearwater's breathtaking coastal views while relishing top-notch services.



Bask in the charm of Clearwater's Marina area with Pier House 60 Marina Hotel, offering great harbor views and a perfect base for local exploration.



Embodying simplicity paired with comfort, Palm Pavilion Inn sits just steps from the beach. Perfect for travelers craving a convenient and cozy beachside retreat.



RedSail Hostel introduces you to Clearwater's vibrant backpacker scene. Its affordable, friendly vibe and strategic location are perfect for budget travelers.



Explore a more personalized experience with the Seaside Luxury Airbnb, set in a tranquil neighborhood. Offering a warm, home-like environment with a splash of luxury.



A harmonious blend of comfort and privacy, the Tropical Villa Vacation Rental is a dream for families and groups, offering spacious accommodations amidst lush tropical landscapes.

FAQs for booking flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Clearwater on Breeze Airlines

What makes FlyCrave's flight booking service from LAX to Clearwater unique?
FlyCrave offers an unparalleled booking experience that seamlessly integrates technological superiority and customer care. Our advanced flight booking service, developed through rigorous and prolific research in the industry, enables a smooth, efficient and personalized service. Whether you book through our online platform or prefer to make a booking over the phone, our experts provide tailored travel solutions that ensure your flying experience with Breeze or any other airline is effortless and enjoyable.
How does FlyCrave ensure customer satisfaction during the booking process?

Centered around a customer-first approach, FlyCrave embodies a robust structure designed to guarantee customer satisfaction. Utilizing interdisciplinary resources, we've created a user-friendly interface for online booking and trained our phone operators to adeptly handle all queries, making the booking process smooth and flawless. We strive to exceed customers' expectations at every touchpoint during their journey from LAX to Clearwater.

Can FlyCrave accommodate itinerary changes and special requests?
Certain, FlyCrave prides itself on its flexibility and adaptability, essential characteristics considering the ever-changing landscape of air travel. Our booking service efficiently integrates potential itinerary changes and special requests into our process. These might include pre-selection of meals, preferred seating requests or modifications to travel dates, all of which we handle with expert precision regardless of the selected airline.
Can I rely on FlyCrave for the best price available for my flight from LAX to Clearwater?
Indeed. FlyCrave's advanced research skills facilitate access to a wide array of data, allowing us to provide you with the most competitive rates after comparing and analyzing the prices of all relevant airlines, including Breeze. Our service's strategic approach ensures optimal savings, value for money, and a quality flying experience.
What if I need to make an emergency booking with FlyCrave?
FlyCrave's booking service is designed to efficiently handle emergency bookings. Our intimate understanding of the air travel sector, combined with our advanced, adaptable booking system, allows us to facilitate last-minute travel arrangements from LAX to Clearwater. Be it on Breeze or any other airline, we're capable of delivering prompt and reliable service.
How secure is making a booking through the FlyCrave platform?
Security remains as one of the cornerstone values at FlyCrave. Our booking service features advanced security protocols that safeguard your personal and financial data. The meticulous implementation of these measures, derived from our comprehensive research into industry-leading safety practices, ensures your booking from LAX to Clearwater is secure.
What happens if I experience technical difficulties during the booking process with FlyCrave?
In the unlikely event of a technical glitch on our platform, rest assured our team, well-versed in advanced troubleshooting techniques, is at your disposal. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we are swift in addressing and resolving any issues that might compromise the seamless booking experience we promise from LAX to Clearwater.

Flying on Breeze Airways from LAX to Clearwater

Feathered friends, there's something undoubtedly hilarious about the gladiatorial match that is air travel. Discover the comic tragedy of the modern day pilgrims as they navigate between LAX in Los Angeles and the paradisiacal haven of Clearwater, on none other than Breeze Airlines. A kerfuffle of suitcase wheels, passport stamps, and unbearably long queues that often leave one questioning one's sanity - until you remember you booked with Breeze, a beacon of hope in an otherwise gloomy skyscape.

Now, on to the subject most worthy of scorn, ridicule, and a smattering of comic relief: flights - those fantastic metal beasts that carry us aloft through the air, packed in like sardines, hoping that the in-flight services would not consist solely of peanuts and eye-wateringly feeble jokes from the captain. Luckily, Breeze Airlines offers a veritable feast of in-flight entertainment and amenities, rivaling a five star hotel! Enjoy!

Permit me to stimulate your heart with an enlightening discourse on Airfare. Oh yes, astounding are the vagaries of pricing that render something of a stock market feel to the procurement of tickets. Yet, in such volatile landscape, Breeze Airlines firmly stands as the Grail Knight whispering, ‘choose wisely’ and offering quaintly affordable prices along with revitalizing discounts. Ah, the joy of cheap flights and last-minute deals, infused with a flavor of adrenaline and savings!

The prospect of direct flights, non-stop locomotion from one point to another, is a modern marvel. It leaves layovers quivering in their boots and your 'one-way' or 'round-trip' dash significantly less complicated. Welcome to the pantheon of convenience with Breeze that has a tendency to eschew all hindrances, be it time or space.

What then is to be said of connecting flights, apparent bastions of inconvenience, with their clock-watching and gate-changes equating to an obstacle course? Fear no more - for with Breeze, they're more akin to a waltz in the park. A Mozart symphony punctuated by gate transfers and QR codes! A sonata of baggage allowance and in-flight wine, winding through various airports in a majestic cavort.

Lower those eyebrows - the ridiculous comicality of tone should not obscure the fact that Breeze also stands as the pinnacle of luxury. Business class and first-class offer the travelling elite an experience par excellence, embodying power and authority. For those of the more modest persuasion, their Premium Economy service offers great comfort without the need to hock your grandmother’s antiques.

Fleetingly moving through the topic of frequent flyers, we end up in the comedic underbelly of a mileage program. Here, customer loyalty is rewarded more fairly than a fawning medieval courtier. With Breeze, traversing the globe feels akin to plucking stars from the sky and stuffing them in your pocket! The best time to book? Every time when it’s with Breeze.

Let's not forget the flight duration. The swing of the pendulum, seconds into minutes, minutes into hours - a time lapse that feels simultaneous to both eternity and no time at all. One moment you're ascending in Los Angeles, the next, surrounded by Clearwater's paradise. As if the gods themselves snapped their fingers and chased away the sands of temporality.

A tip of the hat to the flight cancellation policy and flight schedule that have tangoed with such comedic regularity through the annals of aviation history. Breeze, however, maintains a consistency untarnished by the capricious nature of other shadowy cohorts.

Having parodied and praised in equal measures, it turns out that Breeze Airlines is quite the showstopper. Providing a ripe blend of satire and sincerity, they mercilessly mock other airlines’ faults while persistently raising the bar sky-high – or should we say, Breeze high?

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