Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to McGhee Tyson Airport

Get low fares with just one call

Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from PVU to Knoxville

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to McGhee Tyson Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to McGhee Tyson Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to McGhee Tyson Airport

Michael M.

Fantastic experience! The website made booking a breeze. Loved the clean interface & smooth process.

Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to McGhee Tyson Airport

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My booking got changed painlessly over the phone. Kudos to the wonderful customer service.

Top tips for flying out of PVU on Breeze Airways to Knoxville

 Popular Accommodations in Knoxville, Tennessee



A beacon of elegance, The Tennessean offers personalized service amid luxurious rooms. Its central location offers accessibility to Knoxville's main attractions.



DoubleTree provides spacious rooms, warm atmosphere, and superlative hospitality. Proximate to World’s Fair Park and University of Tennessee.



Knoxville Hostel is suited for the budget-traveller aiming to explore the city's cultural offerings. Amenities include shared kitchen and lounge areas.



An Airbnb gem, Riviera Luxury Living ensures privacy with its modernised lofts and apartments. The amenities offer comfort to families and solo adventurers alike.



Hyatt's impeccable service, exquisite rooms, and state-of-the-art facilities serve as an oasis in the heart of Knoxville.



Holiday Inn harbors a seamless blend of comfort and convenience. Its close proximity to the convention center makes it ideal for business travellers.

FAQs for booking flights from Provo (PVU) to Knoxville on Breeze Airlines

What is the process for booking a flight ticket from Provo to Knoxville via Breeze on FlyCrave?
FlyCrave endeavors to provide a streamlined booking process. To initiate, navigate to our homepage, select 'PVU - Provo' as your departure city, and 'Knoxville' as your destination. However, ensure to select 'Breeze' as your preferred airline. Following this, verify your travel dates and review the various flight options rendered. Should one be optimal, click on 'Book Now' and complete the necessary steps for booking completion. Alternatively, our phone booking service is readily available for seamless booking. Just dial our customer support number, voice your preferences and our associates will guide you through.
Can I alter my flight details after booking?

Absolutely. Flexibility is at the heart of FlyCrave's services. After booking, if any alterations are required, navigate to 'Manage My Booking' on our website, input your booking details, and make the necessary amendments. For a swift and hassle-free experience, you can also reach out to our customer support via phone.

Does FlyCrave provide any discount deals for flights on Breeze?
FlyCrave consistently strives to deliver cost-effective travel solutions. We offer an array of discount deals on various airlines, including Breeze. To check current deals, navigate to the 'Deals' tab on our website or subscribe to our newsletter for timely updates. Alternatively, our customer service associates can provide the requisite information over a phone call.
What are the luggage policies for flying Breeze?
Breeze prioritizes customer convenience and thus provides generous baggage allowances. However, the exact weight and dimension limits are subject to your ticket fare, destination and flight duration. The details can be found under 'Baggage Information' on our website or by contacting our phone support.
Can FlyCrave provide assistance for special needs during the journey?
FlyCrave values all its customers and is devoted to ensuring a comfortable journey for everyone. Assistive services for special needs passengers can certainly be arranged. This can range from mobility assistance to dietary adjustments. These modifications can be requested during the booking process on the website, or by contacting our customer service over the phone.
Does FlyCrave offer any insurance options for my flight?
Yes, at FlyCrave we prioritize your safety and security above all else. We do offer a variety of travel insurance options to ensure a worry-free journey. These options can be explored and selected during the booking process on our website or through our phone booking service.
In case of a flight cancellation, how does FlyCrave ensure my reimbursement?
FlyCrave maintains a transparent and prompt reimbursement policy. In the case of flight cancellations under qualifying conditions, refund application can be initiated from 'Manage My Bookings' on our website or by reaching out to our customer care over the phone. Your refund will be processed in accordance with the applied fares and charges at the time of your booking.

Flying on Breeze Airways from PVU to Knoxville

Roll up, fellow wanderers, for a captivating tale of aerial adventures awaits! Let's chart an exhilarating trans-continental journey, from the mountain-laced cityscape of Provo, PVU, to Philly's very own ‘Scruffy City’ - Knoxville. And who better to facilitate this grand voyage than Breeze, the newest name setting the skies ablaze with their fresh and invigorating take on aviation? But hitch up your horses; we're not simply going non-stop; we'll be weaving in arcane jargon that has perplexed even the most seasoned travelers among us.

Get yourself comfy, cabin crew. It's time to talk about flights, specifically direct flights, an oft-repeated term that people tend to confuse with non-stop flights. While both direct and non-stop flights transport you from point A to point B, non-stop flights, as the name suggests, do so without any stops, making for a shorter flight duration. Direct flights, however, might have you stopping to refuel in say, Denver, but you would stay on the same flight. So, when you book that Breeze ticket from PVU to Knoxville, make sure to verify just what type of flight you're getting into.

Now, dear reader, let's switch gears and tackle 'airfare'. Straight off the bat, it's the price you pay for your trip. However, insider information reveals that the best time to book is not when your heart says Knoxville, but when airline algorithms set lower prices. By betting on off-peak hours and weekdays, you can clinch cheap flights and subsequently economize your journey.

Next up on our lexical journey is 'Business class' versus 'Economy class.' Ah, the eternal struggle for legroom and gourmet meals. Certainly, the former offers a premium experience: more space, flat-bed seats, high-quality meals, and a generous baggage allowance. Yet, economy class is not without its merits. It is here that Breeze truly shines, delivering comfort and service well beyond its price tag, a rarity in one-way or round-trip flights.

Speaking of round-trip and one-way flights, they're pretty much self-explanatory. However, an unknown fact is that round-trip flights are sometimes cheaper than one-way flights. Not only can they save you money, they also offer flexibility in case of unpredicted changes in plans, thanks to airline flight cancellation policies.

Onto another puzzling pair: 'Connecting flights' and 'Layover'. Here's how the cookie crumbles. 'Layover' is the interval between connecting flights if you're required to swap planes en route to your final destination. The advantage? It offers a chance to stretch your legs, grab nourishment, and possibly indulge in duty-free shopping. So, when you're planning your flight schedule with Breeze, you might choose a layover for the pleasure of the journey not just reaching a destination.

Ever caught a 'Red-eye flight'? This intriguing term refers to flights from west to east, departing late at night and arriving in the morning. If you're a frequent flyer with Breeze, seize some shut-eye on your flight and wake up at your destination, ready to rock and roll— or yawn and shuffle, depending on how well you sleep through turbulence.

Finally, we have the 'Mileage program,' a luscious carrot dangling enticingly for the frequent flyers among us. Lounging in the first-class? Every ride can count towards discounted or even free future flights. And with Breeze's sterling in-flight services, you will yearn to be airborne more frequently.

There you have it, thrill-seeking itinerants, a whirlwind tour of air travel terms that add a little zing to your booking experience. Whether it's PVU to Knoxville or further afield, prepare to fly with confidence and a touch of flair. Happy travels!

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