Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to Quad City Airport

Get low fares with just one call

Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from PVU to Moline

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to Quad City Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to Quad City Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to Quad City Airport

Amanda P.

Booking online was a breeze. User-friendly site made my flight booking experience simply delightful.

Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to Quad City Airport

Bradley W.

Had to change my flight last minute. The customer service over the phone was incredible. Very understanding and accommodating.

Top tips for flying out of PVU on Breeze Airways to Moline

 Popular Accommodations in Moline, Illinois



Wrapped in rustic charm, Stoney Creek Hotel boasts a rich atmosphere, modern amenities, and a cozy ambiance perfect for relaxation after a long day exploring Moline.



Located in downtown Moline, the Radisson offers stunning Mississippi River views, direct access to the TaxSlayer Center, and a distinct taste of the city's urban pulse.



Experience boutique loft-style living at The Q Lofts. Located above the city's vintage train depot, these AirBnBs offer a mix of history, chic design, and comfort.



Ideal for extended stays, Residence Inn by Marriott offers homely suites with separate living areas and fully-equipped kitchens, catering to families and business travelers alike.



Embrace great living at Element Moline. This eco-conscious hotel offers bright and open spaces, fostering guests' well-being through smart and sustainable designs.



Bent River B&B is a heaven for beer lovers. Here, guests can indulge in a unique lodging experience blending rich historical architecture with award-winning craft beer.

FAQs for booking flights from Provo (PVU) to Moline on Breeze Airlines

What are the available flight schedules on Breeze from PVU to Moline?
FlyCrave provides an extensive sort of flight schedules from Provo (PVU) to Moline (MLI) on Breeze. Specific schedules information is subject to changes and can be accessed directly on our platform or via calling our customer service professionals for immediate and personalized assistance.
How can I book a flight from PVU to Moline on FlyCrave?

FlyCrave offers a user-friendly online platform where you can enter your travel specifics and view available flights from PVU to Moline. Otherwise, if you prefer more personalized service, our diligent customer service staff are available to assist you over the phone, ensuring a seamless booking experience.

What precautionary measures is Breeze taking in light of COVID-19?
FlyCrave acknowledges the importance of providing timely information regarding airlines' protocols and safety measures. Breeze has implemented numerous precautions in light of COVID-19, such as enhanced aircraft sanitation and passenger health checks. Rest assured, such information can be easily obtained both on our platform or by contacting our customer service representatives.
Does your platform offer direct flights from PVU to Moline?
FlyCrave curates flight options based on a wide array of variables, including the request for direct flights. While the availabity is subject to change, we do our utmost to provide direct flight options from PVU to Moline, ensuring to meet specific travel preferences and requirements of our clients.
Can I change my booking details after confirming my flight on FlyCrave?
FlyCrave values flexibility for the comfort of our clients. Post confirmation, if adjustments are needed, we offer comprehensive support to amend booking details. To avail this feature, you may either utilize the 'Manage Booking' functionality on our platform or get in touch with our customer service.
Can I find information about baggage allowances for my flight on your service?
Yes, FlyCrave prides itself on offering a comprehensive online platform that includes details on baggage allowances for flights, including those on Breeze. We aim to equip you with all the necessary information, enabling you to plan your journey thoroughly.
Can I get assistance from FlyCrave in choosing a suitable flight from PVU to Moline?
Absolutely. At FlyCrave, we have a team of dedicated customer service representatives ready to provide personalized assistance in choosing the most suitable flight based on your needs and preferences. Whether it's affordability, timing, or airline preference, we are committed to making your booking experience with us as enjoyable and effortless as possible.

Flying on Breeze Airways from PVU to Moline

In the universe of air travel, we find ourselves routinely consigned to the rowdy circus of majors like Delta, United, and American Airlines, only to yearn for something simpler, slightly more sublime. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Breeze – the cheeky new kid on the flight block that absolutely refuses to play by the old flight path rules. For a touch of smile-inducing irony, let's evaluate the pros and cons of flying Breeze from PVU in Provo to Moline, packing in as much humor and sarcasm as the overhead cabin compartment on a round-trip.

Now, let's begin by addressing the pachyderm in the plane – airfare. We all love ourselves some cheap flights, and we are often drawn to them like moths to a cost-effective flame. Breeze, however, rules the roost here. Its prices could make a Wall Street wolf think twice before spending on his sixth Hamptons residence. But that's not all. There's a first-class feel-at-home vibe when you're aboard a Breeze aircraft that essentially lulls you into forgetting about the mortgage you didn't mortgage while booking your ticket.

Next up, the subject of the flight duration. Breeze flights are designed to have the speed of a cheetah on rocket skates. How else could you explain the blink-and-you-missed-it type journey from PVU to Moline? It’s as if someone hit the fast-forward button and before you know it, you're savoring the ambrosial delights of Moline's gastronomic scene.

And what of the business class, you ask? Well, dear traveler, with Breeze, you don't have to upgrade to an exorbitantly priced ticket to feel like a corporate czar at 35,000 feet. Embrace the liberating (and slightly ironic) reality that economy can feel as plush as premium. They say ‘less is more’, but in this case, ‘less is surprisingly comfortable’.

Here comes the pièce de résistance of your Breeze escapade - in-flight services. Breeze's in-flight offerings are a cocktail of convenience and comfort. They clearly took a page from Mary Poppins’s spellbook and created a magical baggage allowance rule providing passengers the ability to pack everything but their kitchen sink.

Speaking of magic, do bear in mind the unrivaled sorcery of Breeze's flight schedule. It’s so flawlessly timetabled that it makes Swiss watches look like lag-behinds. However, let's pause for a moment to appreciate the hard-to-beat morning flights. They may just be the airline’s secretly brewed hangover cure, designed to annihilate anything remotely resembling a red-eye flight. You'll be left to enjoy the pearls of dawn, minus the unsightly eyebags.

Expect the unexpected with Breeze's flight cancellation policy. It’s as user-friendly as they come – cancel today, come back tomorrow, no questions asked. It’s as if the ticket counter just went on a karma cleansing spree by doling out refunds.

Last but not least, you’ve got the airline reviews. But rather than consulting the keyboard warriors of the world, why not make that trip from PVU to Moline via Breeze and unleash your inner sarcasm-soaked travel critic? The journey may orbit around wit and slapstick, but when the satire settles, there's no denying that Breeze is proving to be a serious contender in the aerial circus that is air travel.

So, pull out those frequently unused frequent flyer miles, thumb through the mileage program, and grab a seat with Breeze. The punchline? You might find yourself enjoying the ride.

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