Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to Oakland International Airport

Get low fares with just one call

Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from PVU to Oakland

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to Oakland International Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to Oakland International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to Oakland International Airport

John D.

Smooth online booking! Loved the speed and accuracy of this website. Got my tickets in no time.

Allegiant Airline Flights from Provo to Oakland International Airport

Emily T.

Phone service was impeccable. Changing my flight was never easier. Kudos to the staff.

Top tips for flying out of PVU on Breeze Airways to Oakland

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Z Hotel, a modern aesthetic meets historic structure. Experience stunning skyline views, cool brick interiors and a convenient locale in artistic Jack London Square.



Live the high life in Oakland Marriott City Center, a towering haven of plush comfort with stunning city vistas. Perfect for those seeking a touch of luxury and vibrant nightlife!



Stimulate your senses in this artist-owned, highly-reviewed Airbnb loft. Colorful, creative, and close to downtown Oakland, it's a hip and inspiring retreat guaranteed to spark your imagination.



Feel the local vibe in The Inn at Temescal, a boutique hotel flaunting its unique blend of urban excitement and relaxed charm. Steps away from foodie-favorite restaurants!



Experience travelers' camaraderie in Sunnysided Hostel. An eco-conscious accommodation featuring recycled materials and locally sourced goodies. Fun, budget-friendly, and oh-so-comfortable!

FAQs for booking flights from Provo (PVU) to Oakland on Breeze Airlines

Is there really a joy in booking my flight ticket from Provo to Oakland with FlyCrave?
If finding joy in booking flights was an Olympic sport, we're confident we'd be bearing a gold medal! Our booking service is celebrated far and wide for its uncanny ease, its simplicity smacking of genius. Our system is as straightforward as a runway, leading you seamlessly from the comfort of Provo to the allure of Oakland. Book online or find solace in the soothing voices of our phone operators, the choice is yours.
Is it possible that Breeze will allow me to fly without the dreaded experience of removing my shoes at security?

We truly empathize with your desire to avoid the nerve-wracking shoe-removal ritual! TSA policies might be beyond our control, but we at FlyCrave ensure our partners, like Breeze, are committed to providing a smooth journey from Provo to Oakland. You might still need to remove your shoes, but we're here to help make the rest of your experience breezy.

Can I expect any secret benefits if I book my ticket from FlyCrave?
Benefits. Secret benefits? Ah, we see you've heard rumors about our renowned FlyCrave Advantage Scheme. Well, we just can't keep a secret! The benefits are true and they're anything but small; from great deals to exclusive discounts, booking with FlyCrave is like being part of an elite secret society, minus the rituals and robes.
Can FlyCrave really help me avoid the dreadfully boring layovers?
While we can't exactly warp the space-time continuum (yet), we do strive to help you avoid F.B.L (Frightfully Boring Layovers). Our booking service helps you find direct flights or those with the shortest layovers, because we believe that sitting in a dreary airport for hours should be an extreme sport, not part of your travel itinerary.
Oh, does FlyCrave have the power to get me to Oakland while my baggage reaches Boston?
Fear not, dear traveler. Despite the comical absurdities that occasionally occur in the world of air travel, FlyCrave is committed to making sure you and your luggage end up in the same destination. The chances of your baggage vacationing in Boston while you're trying to get work done in Oakland are slimmer than a boarding pass with us.
Could FlyCrave prove instrumental in alleviating my irrational fear of flight food?
At FlyCrave, we're not gourmet chefs, but we can certainly help you choose an airline with rave reviews about their inflight meals. Breeze, for instance, has often been applauded for its edible, if not gourmet, cuisine. Rest assured, your food fears will hang their heads in shame during your Provo to Oakland journey.
Is FlyCrave capable of making sure my flight doesn't turn into an impromptu session of 'spot the landmark'?
Scenic routes have their appeal, but not when you're eagerly en-route from Provo to Oakland, right? With FlyCrave, you get options to choose the most direct routes or flights with exceptional turnaround times. No more going east to go west, we promise.

Flying on Breeze Airways from PVU to Oakland

Navigating the labyrinth of airfare options can sometimes feel the opposite of capturing the wild, unfettered spirit of travel. However, when the whirlwind romances with distant lands call, it is the channel of flights that satiate that longing; coiling the vast span of the globe into an accessible terrain. This narrative delves into the experience of journeying from Provo to Oakland; a delicate thread that stitches the fabric of these two contrasting American landscapes.

Breeze airways transports you from PVU in Provo—an encapsulation of stunning natural beauty, to the heart-pounding pulse of Oakland—a city breathing rhythm and culture. Embarking on such an expedition, choices buzz around like eager fireflies in the twilight: One-way or round-trip? The possibility of layovers or the allure of a direct flight? Each choice is coloured with a different shade of adventure and time efficiency, mirroring the traveler's unique palate.

If you're an admirer of direct flights, a straight path from the grandeur of the Rockies to the cool Pacific breeze, Breeze provides non-stop flights. Bypassing the call of a connecting flight in a bustling unknown airport can be a comfort, allowing you to reach your destination swiftly and imbibing more time to soak up the essence of Oakland’s vibrant streets.

Yet, connecting flights often hum with a cheaper resonance, presenting an opportunity to catch a fleeting glance of another city en route to your destination. Moreover, the occasional layover is not just a pause in your journey; it is a fractal that breaks the linearity of travel, making your voyage a composite series of adventures rather than an A-to-B dartboard throw.

Breeze often offers flight deals tucked away in their patterned schedule. An underlying rhythm of affordability makes the melody of spontaneous, last-minute flights inviting. For the budget-conscious traveler, there's something tempting about the chance to snag cheap flights. It's as if you've outsmarted the system, obtaining a precious key that unlocks an escape into the unexpected.

A red-eye flight might roll off the tongue with a gritty edge, but such nocturnal voyages have hidden perks. Against the darkness outside, the cabin glows softly, crafting an intimate world where time seems to bend and stretch. The economic benefits they offer act as silver linings, particularly for business class or first-class tickets. Imagine carving out a tranquil corner in the clouded skies while oscillating between sleep and consciousness, even as you hurtle towards your destination. Such red-eye flights are a nuanced paradox, where stillness and motion beautifully collide.

The afterglow of in-flight services contributes remarkably to the overall narrative of your journey. The in-flight menu, the friendly crew members, the blankets with a reassuring heft—all seem to wrap the travelers in a comfortable embrace, whispering reassurances of the exciting chapters that lay ahead. Should the unexpected happen, Breeze's flight cancellation policy is designed as a safety nets, cushioning the traveler in the turbulence of sudden changes.

The airlines’ intricate baggage allowance system mirrors the varying needs of the voyager. It seems to recognize the abstract notion that packing encapsulates: the effort to trap little segments of one's home into a suitcase, or the anticipation of souvenirs— tangible memories that each destination silently gifts.

For the frequent flyer, recognizing the patterns in airfare or being part of a mileage program can feel like adopting a complexity into a newfound tune. An understanding of the best time to book could lead to considerable savings.

Every flight has a curious ability to morph into a story; a well-threaded sequence of encounters, reflections, and transformations—each representing a charming phase in one’s travel narrative. Hence, understanding the intricacies of the aviation world just might add a vital layer of richness to the overall prose of one's journey. Here's to hoping that your Breeze flight from PVU to Oakland fills the pages of your travel saga with vibrant colors and unforgettable landscapes worthy of a tale well embroidered.

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