Allegiant Airline Flights from San Bernardino to Boston Logan International Airport

Get low fares with just one call

Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from SBD to Boston

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Allegiant Airline Flights from San Bernardino to Boston Logan International Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from San Bernardino to Boston Logan International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from San Bernardino to Boston Logan International Airport

Mark S.

Fantastic service! The website interface was easy to use and I absolutely enjoyed the swift booking process online. Truly top-notch!

Allegiant Airline Flights from San Bernardino to Boston Logan International Airport

Stephanie B.

I made a last-minute booking over the phone. I was amazed at how efficient and patient their support was. No stress at all.

Top tips for flying out of SBD on Breeze Airways to Boston

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Boasting eccentric decor and a lively atmosphere, the citizenM offers guests a taste of Boston's vibrant spirit. Expect high-tech amenities served with a dollop of Boston charm.



HI-Boston Hostel offers an economical solution for explorers. Set at the heart of the city, it provides guests with convenient access to various exciting Boston landmarks.



Kimpton Marlowe combines intriguing design, boutique flair and waterfront views for those wishing to explore the city. A cosy home base with an underpinning of urban sophistication.



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Outfitted with classic lofts, Boston's South End provides a slice of authentic city living. Besides, the abundant artisan restaurants and boutiques enhance the local experience.

FAQs for booking flights from San Bernardino (SBD) to Boston on Breeze Airlines

I'm from sunny San Bernardino, looking to get to Boston, can I book a flight with you fine folks at FlyCrave?
Oh, absolutely, dear wanderluster! Rest assured, our digital wizards over here at FlyCrave have got you covered. From San Bernardino's picture-perfect palm trees to the snow sprinkled streets of Boston, consider your journey sorted! Just hop onto our website or dial in to our customer service - more reliable than a Swiss watch and friendlier than your favorite bartender!
Eager to journey with Breeze Airlines, any odds they fly this route?

Ah, I see you're a person of fine taste! Breeze Airlines indeed holds a sterling reputation. We at FlyCrave, being the brilliant navigators we are, can help confirm if Breeze Airlines will be your winged chariot from San Bernardino to Boston. Just a few taps and scrolls on our intuitive website or a quick call, and our expert team will provide you with the needful.

Anything in particular about Breeze Airlines I should be aware of before booking?
Well, aren't you a smart cookie asking all the right questions! Breeze Airlines, while it does indeed provide a 'breezy' experience, appreciates punctuality. Remember the old adage - time flies, especially on Breeze Airlines! For more intimate details about the Airline etiquettes, feel free to explore the infinite wisdom of FlyCrave. Our experts, armed with keyboards and expert knowledge, can give you including but not limited to the in-flight amenities, luggage policies, etc.
I usually face a spectrum of ticket prices. How's FlyCrave any different?
Delightful question! You see, while airline fares may swing more wildly than a trapeze artist on espresso, we here at FlyCrave are your beacon of stability in this turbulent sea of airfares. Our abilities include accessing exclusive discounts and deals to suit your pocket better than coin fits in a jukebox. Pricing clarity is our superpower, and we're more than happy to flex it for you!
I'm a tech dinosaur, too rusty for online bookings. Is there a telephone option?
No worries, we've got a place for everyone in our FlyCrave family, even for our tech-averse friends! Our friendly agents at FlyCrave customer service are just one dial away, ready to sweep in, cape fluttering, and solve your booking predicaments. Remember, there's no dial too daunting, no fare too elusive for us!
How assured can I be about Covid compliance with Breeze Airlines?
Great query! In these mask-needing times, ensuring health safeguards is as crucial as your passport! Fear not, Breeze Airlines is stringent about Covid protocols. As part of the FlyCrave mandate, we ensure that airlines in our network prioritize your health above all else. Breeze Airlines is no exception, adding a refreshing zephyr of safety to their overall service.
Should I anticipate any hidden fees with FlyCrave?
Oh dear traveler, at FlyCrave transparency isn't just a principle, it's our religion! We're like a perfectly crafted crystal glass, clear all the way through! No hidden fees, no sudden cost spikes, we're all about the straight talk and open facts. So rest easy, your journey with us starts and ends on a happy and honest note.

Flying on Breeze Airways from SBD to Boston

This narrative aims to provide a clinical overview of my experiences deriving from a recent flight from San Bernardino (SBD) to Boston via Breeze Airlines. The intention is to furnish prospective passengers with a comprehensive appraisal of the services rendered, thereby assisting them in establishing an informed expectation of their journey.

Foremost, Breeze's flight schedule offers both round-trip and one-way flights from SBD to Boston. In my personal experience, their time-keeping was exceptional, thereby greatly reducing the chance of any delays or unforeseen interruptions in your travel plans.

The booking process was methodical, and the best time to book was determined based on the airfare trend data available on Breeze's website. Fortuitously, I was able to secure my ticket during a flight deals period, thereby acquiring a cheaper than average ticket for one of their non-stop flights. For frequent flyers, their mileage program offers substantial rewards providing further motivation for travellers to choose their services.

An aspect warranting special commendation is Breeze's baggage allowance policy. Unlike some other airlines, they offer a generous allowance even for economy class tickets, which was a quite appealing feature for a traveler like me keen on avoiding any excess baggage expenditures.

When reviewing the available flight options, I found a significant number of direct flights on the flight schedule, comprising of both round-trip and one-way journeys. However, in the interest of saving both time and money, I opted for the former. This was more efficient as it eliminated the need for the ubiquitous and unwelcome layover, a feature of many connecting flights.

Throughout the duration of my flight, Breeze's in-flight services were exceptional. As an economy class passenger, I found myself privy to an assortment of goods and services that frankly exceeded my expectations. It has often been my observation that some airlines neglect this class of ticket holders, therefore, this was a refreshing alteration to my previous experiences.

While discussing the in-flight services, it seems necessary to highlight the meal provision. The variety, quality, and taste were beyond satisfactory and catered to a wide range of dietary preferences. Considering my own dietary restrictions, this was an appreciated gesture.

An unforeseen alteration to my travel plans occurred resulting in a necessity to explore Breeze's flight cancellation policy. The policy, designed to ensure the minimum discomfort to travelers, permits cancellations with a full refund if done prior to a certain period. For last-minute flights, however, the refund is partial, thereby prompting travelers to finalize their plans as early as possible.

Reflecting on these experiences, it appears invaluable that potential travelers are informed about Breeze's operations. Like any other airline company, it has its areas of strength - such as in-flight services and baggage allowance, but it is essential for the prospective passenger to understand their policies thoroughly, particularly concerning matters such as cancellations. However, in general, Breeze offers an impressive and value-for-money service for anyone looking for economical flights without compromising comfort and quality.

In conclusion, my journey from SBD to Boston via Breeze Airlines was a combination of comfort, convenience, and effective planning. For anyone contemplating a similar journey, Breeze Airlines should be at the top of the considerations list. However, as always, an extensive, deeply researched review of all options is always recommended before finalizing travel plans.

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