Allegiant Airline Flights from San Francisco to Dulles International Airport

Get low fares with just one call

Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from SFO to Washington

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Allegiant Airline Flights from San Francisco to Dulles International Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from San Francisco to Dulles International Airport


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Flexibility is key when it comes to travel plans. That's why we offer convenient options to accommodate any changes you may have.

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Allegiant Airline Flights from San Francisco to Dulles International Airport

Alice L.

Super-easy online booking process! Really satisfied with the options and prices. Would definitely recommend this booking company to others.

Allegiant Airline Flights from San Francisco to Dulles International Airport

Bob H.

Just had a great experience changing my flight over the phone. Your customer representative was very patient and understanding. Kudos to her.

Top tips for flying out of SFO on Breeze Airways to Washington

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A charming yet modern Airbnb option. Home-style living with top-notch amenities.



A budget-friendly bunker for backpackers. Offers vibrant dorms and a warm community kitchen.



Secluded holiday rental on the serene Washington Lake. A rejuvenating weekend getaway.



A touch of history with modern comfort. Known for its landmark architecture and royal service.



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FAQs for booking flights from San Francisco (SFO) to Washington on Breeze Airlines

How can I book a flight from SFO to Washington VA on FlyCrave?
FlyCrave facilitates online bookings for your convenience. Hover on the 'Fly' tab at the top of our homepage. A drop-down list will appear. Click 'Book a Flight'. On the new page ‘Book a Flight’, fill in your departure point as SFO and your destination as Washington VA. Choose Breeze Airlines under the airline options, if preferred, though we recommend browsing through all available airlines for the best deals. Follow the prompts to complete the booking.
What is the best way to get a good deal on Breeze flights via FlyCrave?

FlyCrave provides an optimized 'Deal Finder' tool. Input your flight details such as departure city, destination, and your flexible dates, then click on 'Search'. Our system will then pull data from all participating airlines, including Breeze, presenting a comprehensive overview of the best deals available. This is an ideal tool to ensure savings, particularly for flexible travelers.

How can I secure preferred seating on flights booked through FlyCrave?
FlyCrave makes it easy to choose your preferred seating. After selecting your flight, before payment, the site provides an option to choose your preferred seating, should that service be available on the chosen airline. Select the seat map and choose your preferred seating by following the on-screen prompts. Once confirmed, continue to finalize your booking.
Does FlyCrave provide support for passengers who require special services?
Absolutely, FlyCrave is committed to passenger inclusivity. During the booking process, under the 'Additional Services' section, there's an option where passengers can specify if any special services are required. Once flagged, a team member will reach out to discuss the requirements and ensure all needs are met during travel.
Is over-the-phone booking available with FlyCrave in case of internet issues?
Yes, indeed. FlyCrave maintains a dedicated customer support line for phone bookings or queries. Just dial our toll-free number provided on the website and our travel experts will assist you in making your booking over the phone.
What if I need to make changes to my Breeze flight booked on FlyCrave?
Should you require any changes, navigate to the 'Manage Booking' tab on our homepage. Input your booking reference number and surname to bring up your booking. Follow the prompts to make any necessary changes. In case of difficulties, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team for assistance.
Can FlyCrave assist in booking Breeze Airlines' special offers or promo fares?
Yes, FlyCrave integrates all available promotions and offers from airlines, including Breeze, into our booking platform. You can select any ongoing promo fares or special offers directly when booking your ticket. The 'Deals' section of our web page regularly highlights special offers.

Flying on Breeze Airways from SFO to Washington

Traveler, pack your bags! Your journey from the sunshine-draped lands of San Francisco to Washington's bustling boulevards has just become a touch more comfortable, exciting, and amicable. Let's dive deep into the wondrous experience that awaits you with Breeze - a refreshing remedy for the sometimes monotonous fold of airline travel.

We're not just talking domestic flights here. This is the magical prospect of trading the Golden Gate for Capitol Hill. Now remember, the airfare predicament is the first point of call. With Breeze, gorgeous flight deals wink at you from just a click away. So whether it's a premeditated voyage, a spontaneous escapade, or last-minute flights, let's just say you won't be burning holes in your pocket. So, rest easy, my friend.

Now envision this – reclining in the first-class cabin, nestled against plush cushions, sipping on the finest Château Margaux. If extravagance is not your game, tuck into the economy class or choose the ever-inviting premium economy. Wherever the slot, your mileage program infused journey will be sweetened with remarkable in-flight services that are a staple for Breeze.

Ah yes, who can forget the baggage allowance? Worry not, for Breeze is as generous as Santa on Christmas eve. There’s ample room to accommodate that extra pair of sneakers, or that chic business dress you plan to show off at the conference.

Now, imagine bidding adios to wearisome layovers. Yes, you heard it correctly - with Breeze's direct flights, you get to hop from the Bay area to Washington non-stop, reducing your flight duration incredibly. If, however, you are someone who seeks a short interlude mid-air, Breeze's connecting flights offer the perfect solution.

The congenial in-flight attendants, the smooth-as-silk take-offs, and the serene nocturnal panorama visible from the window of red-eye flights - all are testimonies of the classy vibe on board. Not to mention the airline reviews that egotistically show off happy customers.

Ever thought about the best time to book? Well, with Breeze, there's no such thing as a "bad" booking time. Deals abound throughout the year, ensuring you're never left thirsting for affordable airfare. The options vary from one-way excursions to round-trip adventures, enabling you to tailor the journey to your rhythm.

Finally, let us give you a sneak peek at the unseen - Breeze’s flight cancellation policy. The transparency and the flexibility it bears make it a favorite among frequent flyers. So, even if your plans flutter like autumn leaves, you needn't worry about losing out on your ticket money.

Your journey with Breeze isn't just about reaching the destination; it's about the memories collected, sights savored, and friendships formed along the miles. It's a testament to the surefire belief that the journey matters just as much as the destination.

So pack those bags, tie your laces, and embark on a voyage where the sky isn't just the destination, but a haven of rewarding experiences. Rest assured, Breeze will undoubtedly become your trustworthy accomplice in all such fulfilling journeys.

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