Allegiant Airline Flights from Santa Ana to Kansas City International Airport

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Get low fares with just one call

Breeze Flights from SNA to Kansas City

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Santa Ana to Kansas City International Airport
Allegiant Airline Flights from Santa Ana to Kansas City International Airport


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Allegiant Airline Flights from Santa Ana to Kansas City International Airport

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Allegiant Airline Flights from Santa Ana to Kansas City International Airport

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Top tips for flying out of SNA on Breeze Airways to Kansas City

 Popular Accommodations in Kansas City, Missouri



An oasis of luxury, The Fontaine is renowned for art-inspired experiences and a lavish rooftop overseeing Kansas City's suburban grandeur.



A chic modern palace, 21c Museum Hotel entwines Kansas City's distinctive art scene with upscale hospitality, offering a unique stay.



Resurrecting historical charm, the Hotel Kansas City highlights elegant designs influenced by the city's earliest roots, assuring a memorable stay.



Found on Airbnb, the Westside Local Loft caters to city-explorers with its cozy ambiance, located in an artistic neighborhood loaded with must-visit local restaurants and boutiques.



Known as the city's oldest operating hotel, The Savoy provides a taste of vintage Kansas City mixed with modern-day decor and comfort.



Striking the perfect balance between past and present, Crossroads Hotel stands in Kansas City's burgeoning creative district, offering guest rooms that echo the building's storied past.

FAQs for booking flights from Santa Ana (SNA) to Kansas City on Breeze Airlines

What distinguishes FlyCrave from other plane ticket bookers?
FlyCrave sets itself apart from competitors through guaranteeing a seamless online booking experience enriched with excellent customer support. We accommodate every query astutely, and initiate adjustments promptly, to ensure your travel booking process is smooth and efficient.
How can I book my ticket from SNA in Santa Ana to Kansas City in MO with Breeze Airways?

You can browse through the available flights on our website, Enter your desired departure place as 'SNA - Santa Ana' and your destination as 'Kansas City, MO'. Choose 'Breeze Airways' as the preferred airline. Alternatively, you can speak to our booking agents over the phone to corroborate your booking and secure your reservation.

Are there any fees attached to ticket booking on FlyCrave?
FlyCrave's priority is maintaining transparency. While we don't levy any separate booking fees, each airline may have its distinct charges. Therefore, it's prudent to review the comprehensive fare structure before finalizing the ticket purchase.
Can I modify my flight details after booking?
Yes, FlyCrave understands that travel plans can change. Therefore, we offer an easy modification process on our site or over the phone with our customer service representatives. Please note, charges for modifications may apply as per the airline's policy.
How do I get a refund for a ticket booked on FlyCrave?
To request a refund, one can visit the 'Manage Bookings' page on our website. Please take into consideration the airline's regulations related to refund policies during this process. More assistance can be gained by directly contacting our customer service representatives.
Does FlyCrave offer any deals or flight discounts?
Yes, FlyCrave continually strives to provide value to its customers. Visit our 'Deals' page for a vast array of discounts on various flights and vacation packages. It is pertinent, however, to read the terms and conditions before availing any discount offer.
Can I book flights with other airlines besides Breeze Airways?
Absolutely. FlyCrave, in its pursuit to offer extensive choice and flexibility, caters to bookings across a multitude of airlines. Simply modify the 'Airline' criterion while searching for flights on our platform, or mention your preference to our customer service team over the call.

Flying on Breeze Airways from SNA to Kansas City

If you are a traveler who finds delight in wandering through new horizons and experiencing the delightful hustle-bustle of cosmopolitan cities, then a journey from SNA in Santa Ana to Kansas City will indeed enthuse you. Aboard the Breeze airline, the journey promises to deliver a pristine and gratifying travel experience. This article will provide you with well-articulated insights and tips around the key aspects of your journey, catering to your diverse travel needs.

Before plunging into the details of the itinerary, it is worth dwelling on the variety of offerings from Breeze. They range from options for “Cheap flights” to “First-Class” comfort, coupled with benefits of a “Frequent Flyer” or “Mileage Program”. A judicious choice from these offerings not only ensures an enjoyable journey but also a significant impact on the travel expenses.

There is a broad spectrum of choices concerning the types of flights. Direct flights are the quickest but could be on the pricey side. One-way or Round-trip decisions boil down to the certainty of your return dates. While one-way gives the flexibility of deciding the return date at a later stage, Round-trip could potentially fetch some attractive flight deals. Layover flights might entail journey breaks but could be cheaper, and provide opportunities to experience the culture of the layover locations.

Flight duration could vary based on the chosen flight type and the schedule. Non-stop flights are typically the fastest, while connecting flights might entail a longer journey duration, due to the wait time during the layovers. Carefully examining the flight schedule can circumvent surprises and ensure a smooth journey.

Premium economy class lies in the midway between the standard Economy class and the Business class. While it provides a better comfort level than the Economy class, it might not be as pricey as the Business class. The choice often comes down to the travelers' budget and comfort expectations. Airfare, being one of the most significant components of the travel budget, often forms an essential criterion in this decision.

Regardless of the choice of flight and class, it's crucial to be aware of the “Baggage allowance” policy of Breeze. While most airlines provide a standard allowance for check-in and cabin luggage, there are exceptions based on the flight distance, class of booking, and even the specific Airline's policy. A prophylactic glance at this information can avoid last-minute troubles at the airport.

‘Best time to book’ is a quintessential point of consideration to capitalize on reducing travel costs. Off-season bookings often provide attractive flight deals and cheap fares. Furthermore, midweek flights usually have lower demand and hence could possibly provide cheap flight alternatives. At the same time, one must be cognizant of the 'Flight Cancellation Policy', in case of a change in plans.

Last but not least, the in-flight services such as food, entertainments, and WiFi services offered in the airplane play a vital role in a comfortable and enjoyable journey. For travelers prioritizing these in-flight services, a rich array of options ranging from Red-eye flights to Last minute flights is offered by Breeze airlines.

In conclusion, planning is an indispensable ingredient for a satisfying travel experience. Starting from understanding the available flight options to making a considered choice of class, from ensuring compliance with the baggage policy to exploring in-flight services, every detail matters. So, if you are planning to soar from the skies of Santa Ana to Kansas City, embark on your journey with mindful planning!

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